Seifert Associates for Employers
Do you ever get tired of sorting through applicants that do not meet your requirements? It is no surprise that our clients have come to us in the past and asked for assistance with placing both temporary and permanent positions; we know technology and engineering and we wouldn’t send an applicant we wouldn’t hire. That is one of the big advantages of working with a specialized staffing provider like Seifert Associates, we know your world. We live in it.

Contract/Project Staffing
Every business encounters situations when additional human resources are required for a finite period of time. Whether the need is short- or long-term, you need a way to meet this need while keeping costs to a minimum. Contract or project staffing can help make your operation more flexible and cost efficient.

Seifert Associates can help you manage your human resource needs with a contract or project staffing management plan which includes some or all of the following services:
• Recruiting • Employment verification
• Workers’ compensation • Reference checking
• Unemployment • Insurance
• Drug screening • Technical testing
• Background checks

Temporary to Permanent
When you’re unsure how long an increase in workload will last, but need additional human resources now, we have the solution. Consider utilizing a temporary employee with the option to hire them permanently if you choose. Seifert Associates can help you identify a temporary employee with the skills and experience you require. It’s all about the right fit for your unique situation.

Permanent Placement
Finding the right fit for a key position in your company is not always easy. Your needs are unique, and you are looking for the person with the right mix of skills, talent, and experience to join your team. Good candidates can be hard to find, because the type of person you are looking for is in high demand and is usually currently employed.

Seifert Associates has a proven search process and significant experience helping clients like you find the perfect fit. We are here to help you find the best possible person, quickly and cost effectively.

One company, one call, one perfect fit guaranteed!


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