• Prepare complete electrical designs, comprising of Design Schematics, Circuit Diagrams, Circuit Drawings, Standard Component Specifications, Standard Bills of Materials, Standard Manufacturing Procedures, Standard Test Procedures and Standard Troubleshooting / Diagnostic Procedures, that meet the needs of the business, including all legislative and safety aspects.

• Working with the Managing Director, the Operations Manager and the Mechanical Designer, develop a process for reviewing all Design Standards, such that the total needs of the business are met as Standards are created, developed and deployed.

• Working with the Managing Director, create a migration path from the most recent “legacy” designs and create a set of “Standards” for approval with the Managing Director. As standards become available, these will become “Controlled Documents”, with the older being the recognized custodian. All amendments and changes will be carried out through the older and the older will manage the version control register for all aspects of Electrical Design.

• Working with other departments in the business, develop and specify procedures to review electrical components and systems to meet the functional, quality and cost needs of the business.

• Working with the Managing Director, develop a set of Standard Business Procedures to “Project Manage” the process from the moment that a customer places an order with the business, to the point where the machine is shipped. Later, this may be developed further to develop standard business processes to “Project Manage” to the point where customer sign off is achieved.

The Candidate will be the focal point of all Electrical Design in the business. As a result, the Candidate will require excellent Electrical Design Skills and capable of working to recognized industry standards.

The Candidate will be required to work closely with all personnel within the business, (primarily Mechanical Engineering and Production, in addition to the President and Managing Director) for the design and development of Electrical Control Systems. As a result, good written and verbal communication skills will be required to gain and convey information from others as part of the day-to-day tasks associated with the role.

Initially, the role will combine the Electrical Design work with additional roles associated with Project Management. As the business grows, these roles may be re-assigned to other personnel in the business. The business will expect the Candidate to acquire sufficient skills in the short – medium term (if not already in possession of) to provide a focal point of competence within the business to either directly perform the roles, or to lead other personnel / contractors such that the tasks are carried out in accordance with the needs of the business.

The Candidate will need to be a self-starter, capable of working with the minimum of supervision. Weekly Reviews will be carried out with the Managing Director in the first 13 weeks, to ensure that the migration away from the current legacy systems are progressing at an appropriate rate, and these will move to Monthly reviews as / when the situation permits.

Monthly performance reviews will be carried out between the Candidate and the Managing Director to review general progress and to ensure that the needs of the Candidate and the business are being fulfilled. Additional reviews can be arranged as / if required due to unforeseen circumstances.