Network Administration

If your network isn’t correctly configured, it could be vulnerable to hackers, identity thieves and other threats. That’s bad news for your business … and your customers. On top of this, the legal penalties for a security breach (that could have been prevented) are colossal, and the powers that be are typically unforgiving.

At Seifert Technologies, we use our experience and the industries best practices and techniques to keep the ‘bad guys’ out, while providing authorized personnel access to important files and applications.

Every organization’s needs are different and trouble makers are always adapting their techniques; so we are extremely serious about staying up-to-date with the latest network security tools, threats and industry developments.

We’ll put a comprehensive network administration and security plan in place to keep your servers and application environment running at maximum performance.

We provide our clients with the following:

Network Analysis and Health Monitoring Services
Preventative Maintenance Services
Network, Server, and System Best Practices
Proactive Monitoring and Alert Services
Day to Day Support Services