Machine Design Integrated Tire & Rubber
Our Engineering Division has a strong working relationship with the Tire & Rubber and Automotive Industries.   From the start of our company in 1985, we have offered innovative design solutions for tire building equipment, tire/wheel balancing systems, large industrial conveyor belts and roofing products.

Consider Seifert Technologies' capabilities:
  • Material Letoff Stands
  • Tire Building Drums
  • Carcass Transfer
  • Tire Servers
  • Mold Replacement Manipulator
  • Automated Bead Making Machines
  • Reels, Carts, Storage Racks
  • Calender Upgrades
  • Tire Centering Device w/Collapsible Manipulators
  • Tire Handling/Upturning/Storage Solutions
  • Tire Scrubbers
  • Tire/Wheel Package Balancing Equipment
  • Tire Rolling Test Equipment
  • Automated Sidewall Marking Systems
  • Rubber Patch Mold Design
  • Air Spring Actuator
  • Trimming/Guiding & Handling of Heavy Industrial Conveyor Belts
  • Handling & Processing of Rubber Membrane Roofing Products
  • Bar Code Labeling
  • Green Tire Handling
  • Weigh Scale Integration
  • Conversion to Servo Motors
  • Platforms/Mezzanines
  • Pneumatics Design
  • FEA


Wheel Balance Weight Install Station
Tire Balancing Machine