Seifert Engineering Design & Build Process

While every project is unique, a typical machine design project involves multiple phases. During each step of the process, Seifert Engineering, Inc. makes sure the customer is provided with the proper support and documentation. Regular communication to discuss customer requirements and design issues is important to a successful project.

On occasions, some projects may require preliminary engineering in the form of a feasibility study to fully define the scope of the project. This study then becomes the basis for development of an engineering bid proposal. This phase is often quoted and funded separately. At the conclusion of the preliminary phase, Seifert Engineering, Inc. will provide a proposal that will generally include conceptual design drawings with machine specifications, a description of the control system, and an estimated project timeline. This initial phase is often critical, as it requires addressing key engineering issues early in the design process, and ensures customer requirements are clearly defined.

Once the contract for the machine design has been awarded, the next phase of the project begins. During the design phase, Seifert Engineering, Inc. will be in close contact with the customer. Regular communications and correspondence with the customer will ensure all engineering issues are addressed as early in the process as possible, saving time and money. At the completion of the project, Seifert Engineering, Inc. will provide full documentation that may include detail drawings, specifications, control system diagrams, electrical diagrams, operator instructions, process flowcharts, and/or maintenance and troubleshooting instructions.