Published: Wednesday, June 18, 2014

We have been hiring in a virtual world for more than a decade now.  We have scanned through thousands of resumes looking for keywords that we feel are targets for a position. Yet how much can we learn about a potential employee by their virtual footprint?  How can you measure interpersonal skills, worth ethics, integrity and maybe the hardest to judge, character?

According to NACE, the average time from interview to offer is 22.5 days.  Industry specialized staffing agencies like Seifert Associates, have a pool of qualified and screened candidates for their positions of specialization. Many companies spend hundreds of hours going through this process, putting positions on job boards and scanning through hundreds of resumes looking for something that stands out.    Specialized staffing firms also work closely with potential candidates in their niche market that may not been advertising their desire for a new position, giving a recruiting firm access to a wider range of qualified talent. Working with a firm that is proactive rather than reactive in the recruiting process quickly cuts your costly down time an additional burden on other employees within the organization.

Companies invest hundreds of hours into an employee before they ever start.  According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average direct cost for a new employee is $57,967.88 including basic wages, benefits, and taxes.  This statistic does not include costly overtime during the vacancy of the position, recruiting and advertising costs, screening and testing costs, and this number can quickly grow exponentially. A staffing firm like Seifert Associates, provide the client with a predictable cost per hire and many offer financial guarantees to support the quality of their talent. In addition to cost per hire savings, employees contracted through staffing firm fall under the staffing agency’s unemployment and worker’s compensation claims.  The liability shifts from the employer to the recruiting firm, giving the employer added piece of mind.

As an employer, the investment in candidates does not end once the hiring process is complete. As many as 84% of new hires do not live up to the new employer’s expectations according to Business Insider.  There is a period of training, which depending on the type of position could be a month to a few years.  With the time, money, and resources that are associated with the hiring and on boarding process this can be a discouraging fact.

In a world of "I want everything yesterday," does not it make sense to try and find ways to make the process of hiring a SHORTER, less labor intensive task?  That is what companies like ours do best.  We have exceptional candidates with rich backgrounds in experience.   In many cases we have worked with these professionals before, and have a very good understanding of their capabilities before they ever get to our clients for an interview.

In a virtual world, why are 90% of companies still using a staffing company to help them find quality candidates?  The human connection cannot be assessed in a virtual world.  Character cannot be measured by a piece of virtual paper. If you have never used a staffing firm, please consider using a specialized firm like Seifert Associates, for all of your technical engineering and staffing needs.  We have over 25 years’ experience in engineering, and more than a decade in information technology.   With a legacy of industry leadership in technical engineering, IT and staffing, we are proud to assist companies grow their own legacy of excellence.



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