Published: Friday, August 28, 2009
Seifert Technologies, Inc. can help integrate the latest vision inspection technology into your manufacturing process, allowing you to eliminate defects, verify assembly, automate your process, and track parts. The great news is that the latest technology is more effective, smaller, easier to use, and less costly than ever before, making it possible to utilize vision in more applications.

Vision inspection technology can be employed throughout your process, making it possible to detect defects early in the process, thus saving money and costly 100% final inspections. This technology is also useful in process automation by locating and identifying parts without costly mechanical fixtures. Vision guided robotics can be used to automate processes and reduce labor costs.

In many industries, part traceability is also becoming more critical. Seifert Technologies, Inc. can work with you to implement an effective system for coding and tracking your parts. The latest advanced software tools provide the capability to read 1D, 2D, RSS, CS, and DataMatrix codes in difficult environments with low contrast.

In addition, vision sensors are now smaller and less expensive. The engineers at Seifert Technologies, Inc. can come out and evaluate your process and identify opportunities to eliminate defects and reduce costs with this exciting tool. Give us a call today!
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