Published: Tuesday, April 10, 2007
In order to offer increased customer service Seifert Technologies has added WebEx Remote Support to the list of optional support options from the Help Desk. WebEx is a browser based, secure, fast real-time remote access support tool.

WebEx allows a Seifert Technologies Network Engineer to securely deliver hands-on IT support through an invitation only support session, without a costly on site visit. From our office WebEx allows a Network Engineer to accelerate diagnosis and problem solving by viewing and controlling your desktops. With your permission Seifert Technologies will be able to securely:
  • "See" issues first-hand
  • Eliminate verbal description
  • Deliver assistance during the first phone call
  • Transfer files Install patches or updates
  • Share keyboard and mouse control
Seifert Technologies Inc. has adopted WebEx Technology for your IT support needs. A recent survey from Service XRG reported that 62.4% of IT customers showed lower service costs when their providers utilized WebEx Remote Support. Without compromising superior customer service we will utilize WebEx Technology to reduce support time and inconvenience.

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