Published: Monday, December 15, 2014

Seifert Technologies IT Division has once again been rated as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. Our commitment to continued education for our team makes us leaders in the Stark County area as an information technology provider. 

Microsoft Gold Certified Partners are Microsoft's most highly accredited independent technical support providers and offer a comprehensive range of support for Microsoft and multi-vendor products.This support includes data, networking, computer, and server management, as well as application development and others. Companies can get certified as a Microsoft Partner through a rigorous process that ensures proper use of licensing and knowledge of the products, and through the use of Microsoft technology as the primary platform for the company.

To be chosen as a Managed Partner, like Seifert Technologies, a company has to demonstrate that it has a long history of successful implementations, and it has to have a minimum number of employees who’ve passed certification exams in specific areas of competency. In order to successfully implement Microsoft products, partners need to be able to identify and set up the correct product to address any number of unique business challenges in any number of unique circumstances. The Partner Program allows Microsoft to choose which development companies to openly stake its brand name on, so that businesses can rest assured they’re getting the most out of their Microsoft solutions.

A Managed Partner will be better equipped than any other company to help you navigate the vast structure that is the Microsoft Corporation. This goes well beyond simply being up-to-date on policies and products. It often means your business’s development projects will run more quickly and smoothly because we have a direct line to support channels. These channels operate on a type of crowdsourcing dynamic, with a worldwide network of developers trading fixes and workarounds to common roadblocks and challenges. It also often means we can help you make the most of your Enterprise Agreement (EA) if your business is already using Microsoft tools.


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