Published: Monday, December 30, 2013
We should start by stating the obvious.... It wasn't pretty.  We planned it that way!  We wanted to do something light this year for our employees so we had a "Holiday Worst" themed party.  Many of our employees took it to a whole new LOW by even creating their attire from scratch.

President Tim Seifert came is a lovey green number with a very unforgettable reindeer.  Leslie Callahan really lit up the room in her sweater, you couldn't have missed her.  We had appearances from the Grinch and many lovely sweaters that are bound to be classic for future generations.

A special congratulation is in order to Scott Kinsely who took home the prize for best "Holiday Worst" with his red sweater complete with lit tree.
L-R Tim Seifert, Mike Aldridge, Bob Sausman,
Mickey Schumacher, and Leslie Callahan.

Sara and Zach Glass with their
homemade monstrosities.

The contestants for the ugly sweater contest.
  The Winner Scott Kinsley is unmistakable with his
 red sweater on the far right.
 We were also pleased to hand out a few awards to outstanding employees for their years of service to Seifert Companies.  A special Thanks to Mike Aldridge, Bob Sausman, Mickey Schumacher, and Leslie Callahan.

Thank you to all the employees who came out to celebrate another great year!  We look forward to many more!

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