Published: Sunday, November 18, 2007
Organizations that excel in the new global marketplace need the kind of people at all levels that can make a difference in organizational performance - from executive row to the front lines. When a critical member of the team leaves, or new positions of equal importance need to be created, you know how essential it is to find the very best talent.

The Seifert Associates team has significant experience helping clients solve their human capital needs. By staying on top of the industry and partnering with our clients and top executives, Seifert is able to anticipate trends and produce substantive, measurable results. Seifert Associates provides:
  • Dedicated search team on each assignment.
  • 21 step search process
  • 5 layer screening procedure
  • Industry expertise and knowledge 
As always, top people must be painstakingly identified and carefully courted. They are usually happily employed and rarely have their resumes in broad-scale circulation, on or off the internet. Nonetheless, being in high demand, they must be convinced that your opportunity stands out from the many others they receive and this is where Seifert Associates excels!           

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