Published: Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Microsoft Office 365 is cloud-based productivity, hosted by Microsoft. At its heart is Office itself—the familiar, rich Office applications customers use 
and love - now offered as a cloud service, so it’s always up to date.  However, Office 365 is also so much more.  It’s about bringing enterprise-grade services to organizations of all sizes, from online meetings to sharing documents to business-class email.  Per user licensing means customers can download and use Office on their favorite devices (online or off), while IT administrators keep control over the organization’s workloads from a single, easy to use console.  Ultimately, Office 365 delivers tremendous value in one affordable subscription.

Why should you buy Office 365 through OV/OVS?
When you  renew your subscription to the cloud through the Open Volume Licensing annuity programs you can still continue to enjoy a number of benefits from maintaining an Open Value or Open Value Subscription agreement.  Many Microsoft customers begin their journey to the cloud with only some of the total workloads used within their organization (e.g., just the Office client, or just email).  By maintaining an annuity agreement for their other, on-premise purchases, as a Microsoft customer you can continue to leverage the options for spread payments, enjoy volume discounts for their on-premise products as eligible, and protect your  investments with Software Assurance.     

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