Published: Monday, August 7, 2006
Advanced structural analysis on this system eliminated
 a long-standing maintenance issue.
Seifert Technologies has reaped the rewards of major advancements in Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software. Like most technology, the advanced features are very practical and cost effective as the FEA code matures. It used to be a major commitment of time and money to perform the tasks of today's FEA software.

Think back to a typical FEA project just ten years ago. We would often be forced to model quarter sections of single components because even the simplest geometry would generate (100) Mbytes of data. We would analyze one part at a time and manually transfer the loads through the components of an assembly. When finished we had a complete static model showing stresses, deflections and thermal properties. Then your boss would stop by and ask if you could change the load case or even worse, use different geometry. After a week on the project, you start over.

Automated Pressure Vessel Design with
Structural Fabrication Drawings
Automated Pressure Vessel Design with Structural Fabrication DrawingsToday's systems are streamlined and built for change. You have several options for creating geometry - SolidWorks, Pro/ENGINEER, INVENTOR just to name a few. From there your models and load cases are associated to 3D geometry. With both ALGOR and COSMOS, you can analyze major assemblies as a single instance. Design For Optimization (DFO) allows your model to automatically run thousands of iterations to minimize your stress and deflection and maximize your geometry and material savings.

Also, the software is not just for new product development. Many of our customers utilize our software and experience to analyze components of their existing machines, process or product family. Without a doubt, the software always shows the critical areas where they are experiencing failures. This then allows us to modify the geometry for corrective action.

Once the vessel is designed and analyzed, the Vessel Drafting Program creates automated fabrication drawings. The software even creates your structural frame work for the vessel or exchanger installation.
Automated Pressure Vessel Design with Structural Fabrication Drawings.  We also utilize CODEWARE on a daily basis at Seifert Technologies. This software is state of the art when it comes to Pressure Vessel and Heat Exchanger analysis. ASME VII codes are built right into the software. The heat exchanger module includes TEMA, UHX and an integrated tube layout program.

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