Published: Thursday, September 29, 2005
Is every email surrounded by spam? Are you and your staff spending more time searching for "real" email messages? Is your computer system clogged by unsolicited emails? Meanwhile your productivity is going down the drain. We have your life jacket.

At a time when nearly 70% of all email traffic on the internet is spam, we are thrilled to offer you a solution that catches 98.2% of your spam! Seifert Technologies has partnered with Vircom to bring you the modusgate spam blocking service. It quarantines unwanted emails and delivers them to you in a daily report. Then you decide to delete or save messages and whitelist or blacklist senders. Your inbox is clean and you can spend your time on more productive tasks.

Try it. You'll like it.
Contact us for a risk-free demo. You will see a definite improvement in
productivity and a decrease in aggravation. Contact us today

Tech Details:

> Multi-layered anti-spam technology
   - 9-layer network-level protection
   - customizable attachment blocking
   - user-level whitelist / blacklist
   - content extraction
   - body purification
   - custom Sieve scripts
   - sequential Content Analyzer
> Adaptive, real-time updated anti-spam engine
> 24/7 virus protection and definition updates
> Inbound / outbound quarantine with configurable user reports
> Spam categories
> Web-based user console
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