Published: Thursday, August 7, 2008
Messy Network
Seifert Solution for a Neat Data
Network Center
Messy uncertified wiring will cause network slowdowns and user frustration due to slow moving data. Trouble shooting network problems and maintenance is also confusing and time consuming for your IT staff. Down time for multiple employees is common with a "daisy chained" network style. When a switch or hub goes down, groups of employees may be unable to work until that defective hub or switch is found and replaced.

A proper network infrastructure will increase network speed and reliability. Users will have faster access to applications on the network, thus increasing productivity. Downtime is minimized as data moves faster through the network.

A data rack in your Network Data Center is beneficial for hardware organization. The rack organizes network cables, making maintenance and the addition of new hardware less difficult. Organizing servers using sliding rails, shelves, and features such as a KVM switch, and slide out monitor, make working on your servers easier. The KVM switch makes it possible to use one monitor, mouse, and keyboard to work on multiple servers.
A professionally designed and installed Data Center can change your messy networking/IT area into a clean and functional environment, while making it much easier to maintain a secure and stable IT network infrastructure. When your customers are visiting, they will see a professional and organized Data Center, giving them confidence in your ability to serve them.

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