Published: Monday, August 7, 2006
Project Management Web Application tracks progress of projects
and assists in collaboration. 
Seifert Technologies maintains its reputation as a full service computer and network service solution provider with a programming staff. Seifert Technologies' software developers are busy designing several customer applications that assisted in increasing business productivity.

Programs are designed to meet the needs of the individual customer, whether the need is to minimize manual entry of critical data or to provide comprehensive reporting details on existing data. Custom applications also provide a centralized, categorized, and secure storage of business critical data while providing an easy to use interface to information.

Many of the programs designed are initially only ideas for the improvement of a particular aspect of business and after development become a part of day to day business operations. Programs can also originate from spreadsheets, Access databases, and other programs already in use but may need customized to fit the needs of the business.

Custom solutions are developed using industrial standard languages such as C# utilizing the .Net framework or C++ using the classic Win32 API. Programs are designed to run classic desktop applications to versatile web applications that can be extended to mobile devices.

Previous projects include time tracking, call logging, automated email reminder systems, web based reporting, enterprise messaging, desktop shell utilities, quoting systems, purchase order systems, and data import/export utilities. These solutions have been designed for the manufacturing, healthcare, financial, and research industries.

Future projects include selling programs we at Seifert Companies have found useful to run our business and would like to share with you. Software developed in house has become a part of everyday operations. One of our most popular programs developed in house, CAD Thumb is currently available to purchase. CAD Thumb is a Microsoft Windows(r) Explorer Plug-that displays a preview image of AutoCAD(r) 13, 14, 2000 (R15), 2000i (R16), 2005 (R18) drawing files in the context-menu. Seifert Technologies realizes that every business is unique. In order to continue providing productivity increasing solutions it is only natural to provide a software development strategy among the other IT services offered. The software developers of Seifert Technologies are helping businesses across many industries meet their business needs, let them help you too.          

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