Published: Tuesday, January 2, 2007
Does your CAD department have documented standards? Are your CAD operators utilizing customized tools to perform similar functions every day? Can you locate the drawing you need in your database?

If you answered no to any of these questions, you might want to consider taking advantage of the CAD customization services available through Seifert Technologies. We utilize Autocad, Inventor, SolidWorks, Pro/Engineer, Unigraphics, and Micro Station every day here at Seifert Technologies. With over fifty CAD terminals and hundreds of customers, we learn and develop new routines constantly. These routines are driven by the need to be more effiecient within your CAD department.

Case Study 1 - "We Don't Need CAD Standards
It's amazing how often a mid to large size company does not have any documented CAD Standards. Operator 1 uses layers 1, 2, 3, etc. Operator 2 uses layers named machine, electrics, etc. Symbols for common items are stored in six different places on their server. Dimension styles vary from drawing to drawing. Creating and maintaining clear CAD standards can save your organization time and money. If all CAD operators follow the same standards, they don't have to modify data when they bring it into their own drawing. And what good are standards, if you don't follow them? CAD standards need not be cumbersome. Seifert Technologies can work with you to develop new standards or take existing standards and integrate them into your design process, so your designers can easily conform. We will assist you in documenting your standards, and where possible, integrating them into your CAD software so it's automatic and intuitive.            
Case Study 2 - Custom Tools for Similar Functions
If your CAD operators perform similar functions daily or weekly, you should be taking advantage of the customization tools available with your CAD software. This can range from a fully parametric model that generates hundreds of parts and detail drawings automatically to a simple program that creates new drawings, inserts your title block and sets all of your default parameters related to scale, text, dimensions, etc. Today's CAD systems can easily take variables from MS Word, Excel and Databases and import them into CAD models. The data can range from FEA outputs, product dimensions, inventory part numbers and endless other sources. A streamlined CAD department needs to develop their own "quick commands" that relate to their specific day to day requirements. Most CAD systems are very generic when installed "out of the box". They are not tailored to meet your specific needs, and many of your most used commands can be buried several layers deep in your pull down menus. Seifert Technologies can design a user interface based upon your unique requirements. Customizing toolbars, settings, pull down menus, commands and shortcuts can make design software more efficient. Let Seifert Technologies customize your CAD environment so your designers can be more productive.

Case Study 3 - Drawing Storage and Retrieval
The ability to quickly and easily locate drawings is essential. Seifert Technologies can design a storage and retrieval system with the ability to search for drawings based on a customized user interface. You may want the ability to search for a drawing by drawing number, factory name, or product type - there are infinite possibilities. With a customized system, you will be able to instantly locate the drawings you need, based on your search parameters.

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