Published: Thursday, October 22, 2015

It can be tempting when you look at your computer screen and see a little icon pop up saying you can download the new Windows10 operating system for free.  Tempting, but think twice before you do it.  Every business system is unique, there are more factors to consider before you take the plunge.  Free isn’t really free if it doesn’t work properly after you have already installed it without thinking about all the other things that have to “play nice” with a new operating system.  Here are a few reasons why “free” might not really be free to you. 

There Will Be Bugs That Need to Be Patched:
Rolling out a major OS upgrade takes time and understanding of all of your legacy systems. Windows 10 has been in “Technical Preview” for months now and been tested by hundreds of thousands of people, but there will be bugs. That’s a fact with any major software rollout.

Your System May Not Be Able to Handle It:
Unfortunately with an operating system upgrade there are many factors at work beyond simple system specs. Even if you got confirmation that your system meets compatibility requirements for a Windows 10 upgrade drivers, firmware, apps, anti-virus and anti-malware can throw a wrench in the upgrade.

You Probably Need to Make Sure Your Files are properly Backed-Up:
With a Windows10 upgrade you will have access to a “windows.old” folder. that will have the old operating system and the upgrade will be in the new windows folder, leaving your user folder with all your documents, photos, music and other files and programs alone. Windows 10 is a major upgrade so make sure you are taking precautions of backing up your files.  

Additional System Requirements for New Features:
There are additional requirements for your system if you want to use some of the cool new Windows 10 features.  They could limit your ability to use programs like Cortana, the voice assistant for your desktop (like Suri.) Additional requirements for the Continuum navigation may only work on certain phones and tablets.  Finally Windows Hello which uses fingerprint or face scanning authentication may be limited or not available on older systems.

Better to be Safe than Sorry:
As with any new system upgrade, Seifert Technologies IT department can work with you to evaluate the potential pit falls of installing a new operating system.  We believe that there is always a benefit to improving your technological footprint, technology can make the work that you do easier, more productive. Just make sure you are doing it at the right time, with the right tools for your success.

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